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Early Christmas Gifts

January 15th, 2007 at 01:13 pm

I know it's a basic frugal concept to buy Christmas gifts in January, but I rarely do it, partly because my family is blessed enough to be able to afford what they want when they want it, so I'm always afraid they'll buy the gift for themselves before December rolls around.

However, we buy gifts for my cousins' kids, who we only see about twice a year, so I'm always guessing what they have, anyway. Being a bargain hunter, I usually find what I consider good gifts for them for about $7 each. Today, I found some great, age-appropriate gifts at a going-out-of-business sale for $2 each. I bought four of them, saving a total of $20. Now, I just have to store them somewhere and remember that I have them when it's Christmastime again.

My running total: $46.35
(I met my modest goal for the first quarter already!)

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