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Challenging a Presupposition

April 18th, 2007 at 12:22 pm

My daughter has cradle cap. We still had some of the shampoo the doctor recommended for my son, and I had been using it without seeing results. I remembered that the doctor had told us to use a kids' toothbrush with the shampoo to help get rid of the flakes, and I nearly bought one to use for that purpose.

Then I thought about it -- why would I need a kids' toothbrush? I have a stockpile of adult toothbrushes I got free after rebate, so I used one of those. It should have been an obvious thing to do, but I had a mental image of the kids' toothbrush we had used on my son, and I had convinced myself we'd have to buy another one. I wonder how many other images of particular products are in my mind, convincing me that I have to buy something new instead of using what I already have.

I credited $1.50 to my account for the toothbrush. With ongoing cardmaking and writing, I am up to $77.74 saved so far this year.