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Hubby Must Be Right

January 28th, 2007 at 01:10 pm

Well, the quilling didn't sell. My husband says that scrapbookers probably make their own embellishments. I may try selling some again, but for now, I've found another use for my new crafting hobby -- making my own cards. (I send quite a few.)

I invested in some card stock, and though it's a fair amount out of pocket, I have enough to make up to 500 cards. I figure that I can save $0.24 per card compared to already low-priced boxed cards I use, and I can have some fun making the cards. For cards I would have bought individually, I can save about $1.45.

My $20 Challenge fund is decreasing rapidly. After taking out the eBay fees and the price of the card stock, I'm down to $23.22. I really need to get back to work!

6 Responses to “Hubby Must Be Right”

  1. carol Says:

    You and me both! I had a nice tidy sum of $40 stashed away in my secret money can at home to start the new year with. Then my oldest son had to have a new pair of tennis shoes(he wrecked both pairs he already had so had to spend $11 there, buy more house supplies(another $5) and there went $16 real quick. On top of that, part of his gym was to go bowling for 5 times($2.00 x 5 = $10), then had to spend $6.50 for quick gifts for birthday party he was invited to! I ended up with $7.02 left over. NOT happy about that.

    But I have planned to set aside $60 out of next month's check and plan to hold on to it. (sigh) I was really doing very well this month with no impulse spending and actually holding onto the money and then all these sudden last minute expenses. On the plus side, I feel good about having the money there for those expenses when I really needed it.

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I've always wanted to make cards, but I think that's a hobby that will have to wait till my retirement.

  3. JanH Says:

    I have bought some supplies to make stamped cards because, like you, I send a lot of cards. Have fun with your new money-saving hobby!
    P.S. I really liked your sled design!

  4. KEALINA Says:

    that's too bad... at least you will be able to save a little by making cards... as an added bonus, handmade cards are usually a nice surprise... i can't think of a time when anybody gave me a handcrafted card...the closest i can remember is some computer printed cards...

  5. mjrube94 Says:

    Rather than sell on Ebay, have you thought about selling at local craft fairs? You may do better if people can actually see and touch it before buying...Good luck!

  6. merrychristman Says:

    I have tried two local craft fairs, not with the quilling but with some other crafts I've done. I sat all day and barely made back enough to cover the booth fee. Other crafters who had done more fairs said that both of the fairs brought them unusually low sales, but it was still enough to discourage me!

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